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Steve Helms August 7, 2015 4 Announcements

We are having trouble keeping up with the volume of support requests. Please expect delays in response.

David Anthony December 18, 2013 Announcements

To all our current DNS Hosting customers, we would like you to announce that we have added a new anycast DNS server to our pool of nameservers. This is another huge improvement to our service that will increase response times and resilience.

As of Monday, December 9th, we began a slow phased migration to begin using the new anycast servers. This migration began by changing the IPv6 address of ns1.dnspark.net to the new anycast address and ended by ultimately transition the IPv4 address around Christmas.

All current paid DNS hosting customers should change their nameservers to the following:


While the new list of nameservers is shorter, the actual number of servers handling your request goes from approximately 55 to 65. Please note ns1.dnspark.com; it's domain is different than the previous nameservers which have traditionally been part of dnspark.net. We have changed the top-level domain of that nameserver to improve response times for .com domain owners.

Best regards,

The entire DNS Park staff



Q: Are you getting rid of ns1.dnspark.net ?

A: Technically, NO.  We will be updating the IP address for ns1.dnspark.net to the new anycast ns1.dnspark.com IP address, however, for optimal DNS resolution, especially if your domain is a .com, using ns1.dnspark.com will be slightly faster than ns1.dnspark.net.

Q: If I don't do anything, will my DNS break?

A: NO.  If you change nothing, your services will continue to work without flaw. Eventually we will redirect the other unicast servers to the 2 anycast servers. So while the zone may have extra NS records, we will continue to serve the correct data for you.

Q: Do I need to do anything at my domain name registrar?

A: Yes.  Your DNS will continue to function normally even if you don't, but for optimal results, you will need to update your registrar the registrar for each domain hosted with us to ns1.dnspark.com and ns2.dnspark.net.  If we could, we'd make these changes for you, but unfortunately, we can't!

Q: Will I experience any downtime? Will my domain become inaccessible while I make the change?

A: No. Your domain will not be inaccessible during the changes. ns1.dnspark.com has been online several weeks and has been serving your DNS zone during that time.

Q: Do I need to do anything to my domain at DNS Park?

A: Yes and No.  You can update your NS records now in your domain, so feel free to do that whenever you would like.  If you don't, our system will automatically update them for you within the next couple of weeks.

Q: Why are you doing this???

A: We have been fans of anycast for several years, since rolling out an anycast'd ns2.dnspark.net a while back.  We've always had it on our roadmap to add more anycast nodes, because of the reliability and value it provides to our customers.  With this upgrade, DNS Park is 100% anycast, and your zones are hosted on over 60 globally-distributed, screaming fast nameservers.  We believe this upgrade provides tremendous value for our customers in terms of redundancy, reliability, DDoS protection, and overall management of your DNS.

Q: My registrar is asking for an IP address. What do I put?

A: If your domain registrar requires you to list IP addresses, you should enter the following:

ns1.dnspark.com -, 2602:ffe2:10::100
ns2.dnspark.net -, 2001:678:5::10

Q: Do my FREE services get anycast?

A: NO.  Sorry, we have to reserve our highest level of DNS reliability and speed for paying customers only!  Feel free to upgrade at anytime though by clicking the link in your Control Panel.