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  • Gregory Sachs

    Mail Crossing has been broken for 4 days with an expired Cert and your support is not answering requests   please fix it TODAY

  • Syed John

    we need some contact info for phone support.

  • Graham Kiff

    I can second the issue with Mail Crossing - your certificate has expired, please resolve this ASAP

  • Joao Robero Oliveira

    I paid renew , but my dns hostiing still expired. Please resolve this ASAP. thanks

  • Eric Mack

    What is the best way to get support? I've submitted by email and via the web with limited response. Ideally, the answer to my question should be in the FAQ; however, I can't find it. Very frustrated as this lack of response makes me look bad for recommending DNS park to my customers when I can get simple answers to serve them.

  • Carlos Bodra

    I paid renew last week and its showed as "to be expire". I open an issue, but no response from DNSPark.

  • Jaan Feldmann

    DNS change is not promoting to all DNS servers. Thanks to that our e-shop is not fully reachable. No reactions to support requests.

  • Dexter Haskins

    I changed my A records for my domain a few weeks back and we are having issues with clients getting to the website consistently. An nslookup shows that your server is responding to DNS requests with our old website IP address. This is affecting our subscriptions and I've had my ticket open for almost a week with no response. Please correct this ASAP or we will need to move our records off and cancel our services with DNS Park.

  • Cameron Bettner

    Name servers are out of sync.  My mail flow is broken unless someone luckily gets connected to name server 3.  Please help.

  • Alexandra Moreno

    We are having problems all new A records we are adding since this Sunday aren't working at all and some old records we edited months ago are sending to the old IP for some users.  Nobody had help us on the tickets, facebook, twitter etc and we really need the new records we added to start working. Is somebody there to help?

  • Eric Mack

    I have service tickets open for over 4 months without resolution. Are you folks still committed to your customers?


    I will repeat my question from SIX months ago:

    What is the best way to get support? I've submitted by email and via the web with limited response. Ideally, the answer to my question should be in the FAQ; however, I can't find it. Very frustrated as this lack of response makes me look bad for recommending DNS park to my customers when I can get simple answers to serve them.

  • Eric Mack

    I have temporarily turned off mail crossing until the problems are resolved

    I understand problems happen, what's very disappointing is lack of acknowledgement from DNSPark.

    Come on folks these are your customers asking for help!

  • Graham Kiff

    I've had nameserver issues since 30/June, however it got progressively worse over the last week. Support repsonse times have always been very poor, however problem resolution is usually even slower. I've had several problems over the years with DNS Hosting, Mail Rescue & Mail Crossing, however this has caused such major outage I have been forced to switch to Amazon. Extremely happy with Amazon's Route53 & SES services and support second to none!

  • Eric Mack

    I'm not bashing DNSPARK. I prefer, in fact, to support small businesses. That said, it's hard to use or recommend services that do not respond, even to their own support pages (here). Make me nervous wondering if the business is still in operation.


  • Eric Mack


    Graham, I have referred many clients to DNSPark over the years. In fact, originally it was a client that referred DNS park to me. The two services we use and were recommending were MAIL PATHFINDER and MAIL CROSSING. It sounds like you have some alternatives?

    I like what DNS Park has, I just can't live with the silence when things go south.

    If you or anyone have alternative services for MAIL PATHFINDER or MAIL CROSSING that you can recommend from experience that would be great.


  • Gregory Sachs

    Why don't you fix your platform instead of posts about support delays?   Main crossing has been down atleast 7 days, no response from anyone.   It needs to be fixed today.   


    also looking for alternatives, this lack of support is not good.  

  • Ugo Bellavance

    I agree. Fix your system and you won't have tickets.  Do you need help or something?

  • Gregory Sachs

    @Eric Mack

    Just signed up for mail redirection and relay services from   done with dnspark.   to anyone who reads this don't sign up.   9 days down, no reply at all.

  • Piotr Styk

    2 paid dns accounts: no changes are propagating to internet. started provider change procedures. no support ticket reply for 72h. bye bye.

  • simon crisp

    Seems it is not only me with issues. I've never had such bad customer service; two weeks to even acknowledge a support ticket. I've now found a free service that does the job rather than pay for a shitty service.

    My conclusion is that they are running the company into the ground on purpose but I can't figure out why. Seems someone has pressed the self destruct button.

  • Ugo Bellavance

    They fixed our DNS issues yesterday, but we already switched to DNS Made Easy. 30$/y for 10 domains.

  • Jason Johnson

    You guys suck...


  • Esava Tausere

    ns4 and ns5 is not updating with new/updated records.

  • Ron Searle

    Don't be fooled.  There are not support delays.  Support is completely non-existent.  Send an email to support, get an automated response, then nothing.  Even the link to follow your issue online with Zendesk is dead.

    If anyone is still following this thread and has already jumped ship we would love to hear any positive feedback you may have about other DNS providers.  Thanks.

  • Eric Mack

    Ron, we have been looking at DNSMadeEasy. Based on my experience sending many clients to DNSPark I am going to interview the folks at DNSMadeEasy first. They claim to answer the phone. I can't get DNSPark to answer an email to BUY more services. Please share your experience. Maybe the folks at DNSPark will read these comments and respond. I wish them well.

  • Ugo Bellavance

    We switched to DNSMadeEasy 6 months ago.  Never had to communicate with them because everything simply works.  Plus they have a mobile app, stats, and more paid options than DNSPark. We configured secondaries with Linode and it works.

  • Eric Mack

    That's encouraging. Specifically, I am looking for a reliable alternative to MAIL CROSSING (for outbound SMTP Mail) and MAIL PATHFINDER (for inbound SMTP Mail). I would like to know what alternatives people ave found. DNSMadeEasy has a few similar offerings. Have you used any of these or others?

    I would have stayed with DNSPark; I like supporting small businesses, but they won;t even respond or acknowledge an email or support request beyond an automated response.

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